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Table 2 3-itemset

From: An adaptive smartphone anomaly detection model based on data mining

Item Support level
Dst_IP, Count_Src_Data, Src_ encrypt_data 628
Dst_IP, Count_Dest_Data, Duration 596
Status, Count_total_conn, Fre_DestIP 553
Src_IP, Count_Src_Conn, Status 545
Dst_IP, Protocol, encrypt_data 436
Fre_DestIP, Count_Src_Data, Count_total_conn 378
Src_IP, Fre_SrcIP, Count_same_dest 237
Src_IP, Status, Count_Src_Retransmitted 137
Status, Dst_IP, Count_Src_Retransmitted 135
Dst_IP, Count_Dest_Retransmitted, Count_conn 118
  1. This table shows the result of the Apriori algorithm analysis