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Table 2 Influencing factors of cost calculation in C3DP

From: The cost calculation method of construction 3D printing aligned with internet of things

Product properties Influencing factors Conventional construction Offsite C3DP Onsite C3DP
Printing stage Assembling Stage
Both industrial and construction product Labor cost
Machine cost   
Material cost
Construction product Cost for taking measures Safety, health, and environment  
Additional cost for night work  
Second removal cost  
Additional cost in winter-rainy season  
Cost of construction and equipment protection  
Scaffolding fee    
Concrete formwork and support fee    
Charges Pollution discharge cost
Management fee    
Industrial product Manufacturing cost Detailed design cost   
Electricity and water charges for printing   
Depreciation of equipment   
Intangible amortization   
Labor protection expense   
Environment protection fee   
Loss during machine maintenance