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Table 4 Cost calculation of onsite assembly

From: The cost calculation method of construction 3D printing aligned with internet of things

No. Cost composition Cost calculation
(1) Sub-engineering fee =∑[(a) × (b)]
 (a) Unit cost = (i) + (ii) + (iii) + (iv)
  (i) Labor cost = Amount of labor × unit labor cost
  (ii) Material cost = Amount of material × unit material cost
  (iii) Machine cost = Amount of machine × unit machine cost
  (iv) Management cost =[(i) + (iii)] × rate of management fee
  (v) Profit Determined by manufacturers
  (vi) VAT Determined by manufacturers
 (b) Sub-engineering quantity  
(2) Cost of taking measures =(c) + (d)
 (c) Cost for taking measures (countable) =∑((b) × rate)
 (d) Cost for taking measures (uncountable) = (vii) + (viii)
  (vii) Safety construction = Base amount × rate of safe construction
  (viii) Other measures = Base amount × rate of other measures as determined by management authority
(3) Other project cost Provisional sums, cost of daywork, contracting management fee
(4) Pollution discharge cost According to actual cost
  Cost of onsite assembly = (1) + (2) + (3) + (4)