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Table 2 The DGRSA procedure

From: A dynamic geo-based resource selection algorithm for LTE-V2V communications

Preparation work for BS:
1. Divide the Manhattan scene into separate and equal-sized
geographic areas according to intersections.
2. Divide geographic areas into two groups dynamically.
3. Decide the geographic area pair to reuse the same sub resource pool by
optimal matching.
4. Adjust the size of each sub resource pool according to the density of VUEs.
5. Build and broadcast the mapping relationships between geographic
areas and sub resource pools.
Selection work for VUEs:
1. Get the geographic location.
2. Judge which geographic area it is in.
3. Find out the corresponding sub resource pool through the mapping
4. Select a resource block in the sub resource pool by sensing algorithm.
  1. The contents which are italicized in TableĀ 2 are used to point out the difference between EGRSA and DGRSA