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Table 3 The dynamic grouping method

From: A dynamic geo-based resource selection algorithm for LTE-V2V communications

1: All of geographic areas and their connected relations are abstracted to
a graph.
2: Calculate the parameter Num to decide how many jam areas the group
1 should contain.
3: Decide which corner is the start point with Breadth First Search (BFS).
4: while the number of areas in group 1 <=Mdo
5: Classify the area that has just been searched during the process of
BFS into group 1.
6: if the number of jam areas in group 1 >Num
7: Take out the most isolated jam area among all the jam areas that
have been searched.
8: else
9: Continue to search.
10: end if
11: end while
12: Group 2 consists of the rest of nodes.