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Table 4 Simulation parameters

From: A dynamic geo-based resource selection algorithm for LTE-V2V communications

Carrier frequency 6 GHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Number of carriers Single carrier
Maximum transmit power 23 dBm
Antenna height 1.5 m for vehicles
Antenna pattern Omni 2D
Antenna gain 3 dBi for vehicle UE
Number of antennas 1 TX and 2 RX antennas
Shadowing distribution Log-normal
Shadowing standard deviation 3 dB for LOS and 4 dB for NLOS
Decorrelation distance 10 m
Power spectral density of white
gaussian noise −174 dBm
Number of lanes 2 in each direction (4 lanes in total in
  each street)
Vehicle density 2.5 s × absolute vehicle speed