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Table 1 List of abbreviations and symbols

From: Proactive edge computing in fog networks with latency and reliability guarantees

CCDF Complementary cumulative distribution function
CSI Channel state information
DA Deferred acceptance
MCC Mobile cloud computing
MEC Mobile edge computing
QoS Quality of service
TDD Time division duplex
UN User node
URLLC Ultra-reliable and low latency communication
\(\mathcal {A}\) Set of tasks
\(\mathcal {C}_{i}\) Set of UNs in cluster i
\(\mathcal {E}\) Set of edge cloudlets
\(\mathcal {U}\) Set of UNs
B System bandwidth
c e Computing power of cloudlet e
D ea Total delay of task a from cloudlet e
\(D_{ea}^{\text {comp}}\) Computing delay of task a from cloudlet e
\(D_{ea}^{\text {comm}}\) Transmission delay of task a from cloudlet e
D th Delay threshold
L a Size of task a
n u Task occurrence vector of UN u
Q e Task queue of cloudlet e
r ue Data rate of UN u from cloudlet e
\(\bar {r}_{ue}\) Estimated data rate of UN u from cloudlet e
S d Distance Gaussian similarity matrix
S p Task popularity similarity matrix
s e Storage size of cloudlet e
v u Geographical coordinates vector of UN u
W ea Waiting time of task a in the queue of cloudlet e
x ea Association indicator
X max Maximum number of associated cloudlets
y ea Caching indicator
z Zipf distribution parameter
ε Target maximum delay violation
σ d Similarity parameter
κ Task processing density
λ u Mean UN task arrival rate
θ Clustering parameter
τ EP Edge processing delay
ν Learning rate parameter
ξ i Popularity task vector of cluster i