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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Proactive edge computing in fog networks with latency and reliability guarantees

Parameter Value
System bandwidth 10 MHz
Number of cloudlets E 30
UN density U/E 3
Maximum associated cloudlets Xmax 2
Mean UN task arrival rate λu 10 task/s
Number of tasks A 100
Cloudlet storage size se 10 tasks
Mean task size \(\bar {L}_{a}\) 200 Kbit
Processing density 1κ 162.5 cycle/bit [28]
Cloudlet computing power ce 1010 cycle/s [29]
Zipf parameter z 0.6
Delay threshold Dth 1 s
Target delay violation ε 0.01
Clustering parameter θ 0.5
Processing delay τEP \({Unif} \left (\frac {1}{8},\frac {1}{4}\right)\text {ms}\)
Neighborhood size parameter \(\sigma _{d}^{2}\) 500 m
Scheduling slot 1 ms
Network size 500×500 m2
UN transmit power 10 dBm
learning parameter ν(t) 1/t0.51