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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Design of new resource allocation scheme for symbiosis of DASH clients and non-DASH clients

DASH parameters  
Client-side rate-adaptation scheme SVAA, SFTM, FDASH
Base-station-side resource allocation scheme PFRA, BSOP, RASS
Number of representations 13
Segment size 2 s
Frame rate 40 fps, 50 fps
LTE parameters  
Downlink carrier frequency 2.12 GHz
Number of PRBs 25
Bandwidth per PRB 180 KHz
Fading model EVA-60 kmph, ETU-3
Pathloss model Log-Distance
  Propagation Loss model
Link capacity between PGW and DASH Server 1 Gbps
Simulation parameters  
Number of DASH clients 3,6,9
Number of non-DASH client 10,20,30
B i, m a x 35 s
η 5
T 20 s
Simulation time 500 s