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Table 1 Symbol definition

From: Robust power allocation for two-tier heterogeneous networks under channel uncertainties

Notation Description
\(G_{i}^{k}\) Channel gain between the ith FU of the femtocell network k
  and MBS.
\(p_{i}^{k}\) transmit power of the ith FU in the femtocell network k.
I th Maximum interference power that the MBS can tolerate.
\(\gamma _{i}^{k}\) QoS requirement of the ith FU in kth femtocell.
\(h_{i}^{k}\) Channel gain between ith FU-Tx and kth FBS.
\(h_{j}^{k}\) Channel gain between jth FU-Tx and kth FBS.
\(g_{l}^{k}\) Interference channel gain from the lth MU-Tx to the kth FBS.
p l Transmit power of the lth MU.
\(\sigma _{i}^{k}\) Background noise received at each FBS.