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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: A novel energy-efficient probabilistic routing method for mobile opportunistic networks

Parameter name Value
Simulation area 1500×1500m2
Simulation time 60,000 s
Message TTL 20,000 s
Message size 200–300 KB
Transmit speed 2 MBps
Transmit range 10 m
Buffer size 100 MB
Message generation time [ 20,000,50,000] s
Length of the warm up period 20,000 s
Interval of message generation [ 30,40] s
Initial energy 3000 J
Scanning energy consumption at a time 0.05 J
Transmitting energy consumption 2 J/s
Receiving energy consumption 3 J/s
Initial number of copies in spray-and-wait 6
Binary mode of spray-and-wait True