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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: A QoE-maximization-based vertical handover scheme for VLC heterogeneous networks

Parameter Value
Room dimensions 8 m x 8 m x 5 m
Number of VLC APs 9
Radius of APs 1.5 m
Velocity of UE v 0.3–0.7 m/s
Movement time duration t 1–10 s
Pause time pt 2–10 s
Direction d 0–2 π radians
Throughput for RF θ2 1 Mbps
Throughput for VLC θ1 10 Mbps
Packet arrival rate λ 0.1–1 packets/s
Packet departure rate of VLC μV 2 packets/s
Packet departure rate of RF μRF 1.1 packets/s
Downlink queue length of ith UE Li 20 packets
The maximum queue length of the uplink  
and downlink 10 packets
Number of RF-UE accessing the uplink 1–10 UEs
Weighting factor η 1 packet
Dwell time t0 1, 0.5 s
Simulation time 3600 s
Number of iterations 1000