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Table 1 Simulation conditions

From: Non-orthogonal multiple access with joint maximum likelihood detection in heterogeneous network

Scheduling algorithm PF scheduling
Modulation scheme QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Cell layout 19-hexagonal-cell site
Inter-site distance 500 m
Minimum distance (MBS - user) 35 m
Minimum distance (PBS - user) 10 m
Number of user terminals per sector 5, 10, 20
Distribution of user terminals Uniform
MBS height 35 m
PBS height 10 m
User height 1.5 m
MBS maximum transmission power 43 dBm
PBS total transmission power 30 dBm
Distance-dependent path loss (MBS) 128.1 + 37.6log10(R) dB, R in km
Distance-dependent path loss (PBS) 140.7 + 36.7log10(R) dB R in km
Shadowing standard deviation (MBS) 5 dB
Shadowing standard deviation (PBS) 7 dB
Shadowing correlation 0.5
Channel model Six-path Rayleigh
System bandwidth 4.32 MHz
Number of resource blocks 24
Resource block bandwidth 180 kHz
Receiver noise density − 174 dBm/Hz
Time interval 100
User drops ≥ 50
Trial per user drops 30
Number of symbols per trial 100