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Table 4 Available mobility datasets

From: Services and simulation frameworks for vehicular cloud computing: a contemporary survey

Origon Detail
Rome (Italy) Mobility traces of Taxi Cabs [81]
Shanghai (China) Mobility traces of Taxi Cabs [82]
San Francisco (USA) Mobility traces of Taxi Cabs [83]
New York (USA) Trace set of vehicle with steerable antenna [84]
Washington (USA) WiFi-based connectivity between vehicles and
  base station [85]
Asturias (Spain) Mobility traces based on GPS [86]
Stockholm (Sweden) Pedestrian mobility (Micro-simulation) [87]
Multiple locations (USA) Human mobility [88]
Milano (Italy) Traces of mobile phone based mobility [89]
Aachen (Germany) Traces of 802.11p packets under RF jamming [90]
Maryland (USA) Data set for vehicle collision (2012) [91]
Washington (USA) Data set of new vehicles assessment
  (safety tests) [92]
Aarhus (Denmark) Road Traffic Data [93]
Aarhus (Denmark) Parking Data [94]
Europe Time stamped real traffic data set [95]
Data set for short-ranged communication of V2V
  and V2I [96]
Cologne (Germany) Vehicular Mobility Trace [97]
Creteil (France) Vehicular Mobility Trace (Microscopic Level) [98]