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Table 3 Network configure

From: Demonstrability of Narrowband Internet of Things technology in advanced metering infrastructure

Component Description
Data source (a) Packet type I, 30 bytes, generated from a serial port of laptops. (b) Packet type II, more than 100 bytes, generated from concentrator of the automatic meter reading system.
End devices Include five end devices, each one is an integrated module and it operates in stand-alone modes. The integrated module bases on Boudica120 chip, the operating frequency is 850 MHz.
OceanConnect Commercial cloud platform, mainly in charge of transparent forwarding data.
Local server In charge of collecting data from cloud platform and sending commands to the NB-IoT end devices.
NB-IoT network Bases on China Telecom NB-IoT network which have covered most of cities in China. At present, for one pack from the endpoints, the max size of 512 bytes could be supported.
Transport protocol (a) Https establishes secure communication between cloud paltform and local server. (b) Constrained application protocol (CoAP), a specialized Internet application protocol for constrained devices which enables the end devices to communicate with Internet.