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Table 1 List of notations

From: Uplink achievable rate in underlay random access OFDM-based cognitive radio networks

Notation Definition
Φ P β-GPP with repulsion parameter β and intensity λP which represents the locations of PBSs
Φ S PPP with intensity λS which represents the locations of SBSs
\(\Phi _{P}^{(u)}(\Phi _{S}^{(u)})\) PPP with intensity \(\lambda _{P}^{(u)} (\lambda _{S}^{(u)})\) which represents the locations of PUs (SUs)
N Number of available subcarriers
NP(NS) Number of subcarriers for each PU (SU)
τ Pre-defined interference threshold at PBSs
αP(αS) Path loss exponent for channels between users and PBSs (SBSs)
P S, x Transmit power at the SU at x
P P Transmit power at the PUs
hx,i(gx,i) Power of small-scale fading channel between the tagged SBS and the SU (PU) at x for the ith subcarrier
σ 2 Power of additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN)
γ i Signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) for the ith subcarrier
C Instantaneous SU achievable rate
\(\hat {C}\) Average SU achievable rate