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Table 6 Places and mappings of FAR

From: Data offloading in IoT environments: modeling, analysis, and verification

Places Mappings Descriptions
 φ(R _ Info) \( {\displaystyle \begin{array}{l}\mathbb{P}\Big(N1\times N2\times {M}_D\times {F}_{CD\_N1\_D}\times {F}_{CD\_N2\_D}\\ {}\times {M}_{ID}\times {M}_{TTL\_F}\times {M}_{SIZE}\times {M}_{ACK\_F}\Big)\end{array}} \) Same as Table 4, except for inclusion of CD-based current MQs of Com-N instead of the two utilities.
 φ(CD) (N1 × N2 × MD × FCD _ N1 _ D × FCD _ N2 _ D) Same as Table 4, only CD-based utilities are replaced by current MQs of Com-N.