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Table 3 Performance comparison of all algorithms based on benchmark functions F1–F6

From: An ECSO-based approach for optimizing degree distribution of short-length LT codes

Function Algorithm Standard deviation Mean Best Worst
F1 APSO 5.9492E+04 8.7705E+03 7.7646E−09 5.3110E+05
DE 7.4107E+03 1.3125E+03 1.0849E−29 6.2729E+04
CSO 7.6889E+02 1.0121E+02 4.7242E−51 7.4324E+03
BCSO 6.6555E+02 8.7229E+01 1.5939E−56 6.5051E+03
DCSO 9.7958E+02 1.2479E+02 2.3529E−13 9.7158E+03
CCSO 3.7588E+02 5.5510E+01 5.1173E−49 3.5087E+03
ECSO 1.1425E+02 1.3967E+01 1.7777E−76 1.1238E+03
F2 APSO 4.8242E+08 3.0668E+08 2.9954E+00 1.6746E+09
DE 1.4118E+08 6.6593E+07 5.6825E+00 8.1316E+08
CSO 5.2294E+07 1.3454E+07 4.4328E−03 3.9428E+08
BCSO 5.7113E+07 1.3255E+07 4.6421E−03 4.2143E+08
DCSO 3.5179E+07 6.6830E+06 1.3967E+00 2.9323E+08
CCSO 3.8502E+07 6.9098E+06 4.8575E−03 3.6967E+08
ECSO 3.8038E+07 5.8436E+06 9.9838E−02 3.6491E+08
F3 APSO 3.8828E+11 2.5392E+12 1.8276E+12 3.0721E+12
DE 3.6839E+11 1.8362E+11 8.6652E+06 2.1543E+12
CSO 1.5036E+11 4.1156E+10 8.3924E+00 9.5963E+11
BCSO 1.2359E+11 2.4851E+10 8.0768E+00 1.1022E+12
DCSO 1.0919E+11 2.3546E+10 8.9219E+00 9.4549E+11
CCSO 1.0876E+11 2.2786E+10 8.2943E+00 9.5715E+11
ECSO 1.0614E+11 1.7426E+10 7.5968E+00 9.7048E+11
F4 APSO 7.9438E+00 8.5669E+00 9.4325E−01 2.0735E+01
DE 4.8955E+00 1.4568E+01 4.9839E+00 2.0421E+01
CSO 5.3134E+00 2.9588E+00 9.1020E−06 1.9524E+01
BCSO 4.9538E+00 2.4553E+00 1.0627E−06 1.9181E+01
DCSO 4.9357E+00 2.8540E+00 6.1677E−04 1.9620E+01
CCSO 5.0396E+00 2.7284E+00 7.3455E−06 1.9609E+01
ECSO 3.6984E+00 1.3313E+00 1.8692E−07 1.9516E+01
F5 APSO 1.2130E+00 1.9364E+00 3.5936E−01 4.3676E+00
DE 5.9648E−01 1.3952E+00 6.9788E−01 3.4824E+00
CSO 4.8664E−01 3.1842E−01 2.9110E−05 2.3938E+00
BCSO 4.8423E−01 2.7001E−01 8.1348E−10 2.3181E+00
DCSO 4.8122E−01 2.6827E−01 2.3956E−08 2.2155E+00
CCSO 4.8224E−01 3.0687E−01 2.4610E−06 2.4380E+00
ECSO 4.0396E−01 1.7115E−01 1.3262E−14 2.2312E+00
F6 APSO 2.2211E−01 1.0988E−01 2.8881E−03 1.8355E+00
DE 3.4216E−01 3.0496E−01 3.1631E−03 1.5045E+00
CSO 1.3665E−01 3.4548E−02 1.6614E−14 1.0647E+00
BCSO 1.2132E−01 3.0265E−02 8.0612E−16 9.2391E−01
DCSO 1.2599E−01 3.3452E−02 4.3039E−12 1.0142E+00
CCSO 1.1833E−01 3.0734E−02 5.6060E−15 8.9365E−01
ECSO 1.0101E−01 2.2448E−02 4.6118E−18 7.9359E−01