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Table 4 Performance comparison of all algorithms based on benchmark functions F7–F12

From: An ECSO-based approach for optimizing degree distribution of short-length LT codes

Function Algorithm Standard deviation Mean Best Worst
F7 APSO 1.7199E+01 4.3650E+00 0.0000E+00 1.0870E+02
DE 2.2119E+01 2.0320E+01 0.0000E+00 9.8650E+01
CSO 9.4792E+00 3.0670E+00 0.0000E+00 6.4400E+01
BCSO 9.4334E+00 2.9095E+00 0.0000E+00 6.6550E+01
  DCSO 9.0134E+00 4.0845E+00 4.5000E−01 6.4250E+01
CCSO 8.0428E+00 2.4880E+00 0.0000E+00 5.9200E+01
ECSO 6.7709E+00 1.6255E+00 0.0000E+00 5.2950E+01
F8 APSO 5.7047E+03 8.2521E+03 2.2036E+03 2.5229E+04
DE 3.4683E+03 3.8976E+03 5.5399E+02 2.2475E+04
CSO 3.4032E+03 2.4246E+03 3.3888E+02 2.1273E+04
BCSO 3.0753E+03 2.3294E+03 2.7688E+02 1.6230E+04
DCSO 2.6553E+03 1.1508E+03 5.3335E−05 1.6955E+04
CCSO 3.1754E+03 1.6036E+03 1.2732E+02 2.2657E+04
ECSO 2.6438E+03 1.1180E+03 3.9454E−07 1.6007E+04
F9 APSO 2.7305E+02 1.5363E+02 1.8616E+01 1.1794E+03
DE 2.0441E+02 2.5411E+02 5.7273E+01 1.0046E+03
CSO 1.0097E+02 4.0486E+01 9.6601E−06 6.2801E+02
BCSO 1.0187E+02 3.6269E+01 1.2021E−08 6.5835E+02
DCSO 1.0786E+02 4.3412E+01 9.1331E−07 6.5675E+02
CCSO 1.0120E+02 3.9449E+01 6.0732E−07 6.7608E+02
ECSO 8.0768E+01 2.3935E+01 1.0119E−08 5.7983E+02
F10 APSO 1.9719E+01 4.4414E+00 2.0279E−02 1.6054E+02
DE 2.7524E+01 2.2175E+01 1.8682E−01 1.3731E+02
CSO 1.2493E+01 3.7259E+00 4.7947E−12 7.6476E+01
BCSO 1.1817E+01 3.1029E+00 8.9682E−13 8.2953E+01
DCSO 1.1784E+01 3.6059E+00 1.3398E−08 7.8886E+01
CCSO 1.0974E+01 2.9772E+00 1.4122E−12 8.3549E+01
ECSO 8.2519E+00 1.7539E+00 3.9075E−13 6.5495E+01
F11 APSO 1.9944E+11 3.6391E+10 3.2077E+01 1.7823E+12
DE 1.7313E+10 3.2944E+09 2.4898E+03 1.5493E+11
CSO 4.6866E+08 5.2398E+07 2.7157E−06 4.6870E+09
BCSO 3.4758E+08 3.5540E+07 7.7432E−08 3.4934E+09
DCSO 3.2962E+08 3.4301E+07 1.7245E−04 3.3122E+09
CCSO 1.0896E+09 1.2330E+08 2.9050E−06 1.0878E+10
ECSO 1.0777E+08 1.1629E+07 1.1224E−06 1.0810E+09
F12 APSO 1.2648E+02 1.9405E+01 1.9131E−02 1.1248E+03
DE 1.2314E+02 6.5162E+01 1.1084E−01 8.0601E+02
CSO 6.0829E+01 1.6762E+01 3.9479E−03 4.3591E+02
BCSO 5.5154E+01 1.1477E+01 4.2233E−03 4.5967E+02
DCSO 3.5858E+01 9.0720E+00 2.1421E−03 2.6972E+02
CCSO 4.2886E+01 9.6930E+00 2.5033E−03 3.6524E+02
ECSO 4.0757E+01 7.0128E+00 2.1833E−03 3.6695E+02