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Table 1 Key parameters and descriptions

From: ECPM: an energy-efficient cloudlet placement method in mobile cloud environment

Item Description
AREA The collection of the entire activity area AREA={(x,y)|0≤xW,0≤yH}
DEVICE A collection of mobile devices DEVICE={d1,d2,…,dN}
Devicen Represents the nth device in the mobile device collection
Devicepositionn(t) The location of the mobile device at time t.
CLOUDLET The collection of cloudlets CLOUDLET={cloudlet1,cloudlet2,…,cloudletM}
AP The collection of AP P={p1,p2,…,pM}
Cloudletm The mth mobile cloud
Cloudpositionm(t) The center location of mobile cloud at time t.
Radiumm The coverage radius of mobile cloud cloudletm
Devicecollectionm(t) The device collection at time t
Thresh The threshold to determine whether to place mobile cloud
TotalN(t) The total number of covered devices by all cloudlets
Devicecollectionm,P(t) At time t, the device collection of cloudpositionm located at the position of P(x,y)