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Table 2 Various architectures in MSN

From: Content distribution and protocol design issue for mobile social networks: a survey

Approach Example Description Features
Recommendation system based Contextualized recommendation [26]
Social fusion [67]
Evaluates a set of social condition and context-aware actions, and to prove whether or not the conditions have been logically verified for both logically verified for both individual and groups of MSN users Focus on analyzing and discovering the social relationships between users
Fuse the data streams from mobile users, social networks and sensors
Social identity based Whoz That for [66] Supports increasingly complex MSN applications Online social identities with environment adaptive ecosystem
Proximity based G2G [68] Provides a location-awareness MSN platform for personalized recommender systems and gaming Collection of geographic-proximity information about GSM cells
Detect preferences of nearby friends
Architectural system based Agent-based system architecture [63]
Multidimensional social network architecture [58]
Provides system-level approaches to effectively collect, process, and utilize contextual data from a different source, and facilitate development and the development of context-aware MSN applications Based on open interfaces between social networking platforms
Generic models to deploy different specific context-aware schemes