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Table 3 Social metrics

From: Content distribution and protocol design issue for mobile social networks: a survey

Social metrics Description
Betweenness centrality [69] Indicates the bridge node or edge between two adjacent nodes or clusters
Social ties [70] Meaningful social relationships characterized by a combination of the amount of the amount of time and social homogeneity
Closeness centrality [71] Indicates the node which has the shortest path to all other nodes
Social neighbors [72] The set of nodes with which a host is related through special social
Degree centrality [73] Indicates the number of connection (direct or indirect) to other nodes in the network
Communities [74] A clustering of entities that are closely linked to each other
Similarity [75] Indicates the grouping of nodes depending upon common contacts or interest
Edge expansion [76] The “worst case” exit capacity from a set of nodes, in proportion to its downlink updates traffic
Tie strength [77] Indicates the characteristics (i.e., strength) of a link between two nodes (e.g., using frequency and duration of an encounter)