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Table 4 Social-based routing protocols

From: Content distribution and protocol design issue for mobile social networks: a survey

Publication Motivation Main idea Social characteristics Optimization strategies Simulation results
Socially based routing [78] Resolving the contradiction that conserving limited resources and achieving efficient data transmission Present and future nodes contact and buffer space are known ahead of time; such knowledge is exploited to increase the opportunity of reaching destinations Centrality Controlled message replication (number limited), simple buffer mechanism Reduces the number of transmissions, while keeping the same or higher delivery ratio
Giveaiet [79] Selfish nodes only torward messages to nodes that have social ties with them, which is harmful for message transmission Selfishnodes are simulated for their own benefit to forward messages for others. Individual selfishness Greedy and real-time controlled message replications Improve the deanery ratio
Data diffusion [80] Selfish nodes only forward messages for nodes that have social ties with them, which can reduce the number of copies A node has two kinds of contacts: friends and strangers; messages are forwarded according to the type of nodes Socially selfish Real-time controlled message replication Reduce the number of copies
Friend [81] People from the same community tend to interact more often than others from different communities Each node builds its friendship community; messages are forwarded to destinations or the node containing destinations in its community Community Not mentioned Reduce traffic created
Smitict [82] Betweenness can identify bridge nodes; similarity can measure the common characteristics Message is forwarded to a structurally more central node Betweenness centrality and similarity Not mentioned Delivery performance close to Epidemic but with significantly reduced overhead
Simbetage Betweenness are time-An varying Extension of SimBet Time-varying betweenness and similarity Not mentioned Delivery performance can be drastically improved
Simbetage [83]
Betweenness are time-An varying
Betweenness can identify central nodes; community can reduce traffic
Considering the changes of social characteristic over time. Nodes deliver messages up to a more “popular” node Time-varying betweenness and similarity
Community and betweenness centrality
Not mentioned
Not mentioned
Delivery performance can be drastically improved
Improve the efficiency of message transmission