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Table 5 Solution, protocol compare, and social characteristics

From: Content distribution and protocol design issue for mobile social networks: a survey

Solution Unicast or multicast Protocols for comparison Social characteristics
LABEL [84] Unicast, multicast MCP, WAIT, Control Community
BUBBLE RAP [85] Unicast, multicast MCP, LABEL, FLOOD,WAIT Community degree centrality
LocalCom [86] Unicast, multicast PROPHET, Bubble Rap Community tie strength betweenness centrality
Friendship-based [87] Unicast, multicast PROPHET, SimBet Community, friendship, similarity, tie strength
Gently [88] Unicast, multicast PRPHET Community
DR [89] Unicast, multicast SimBet, Epidemic Community
SimBet [90] Unicast PROPHET, Epidemic Betweenness centrality similarity
SimBetTs [91] Unicast PROPHET, Epidemic Betweenness centrality, similarity, tie strength
HiBOp [92] Unicast multicast PROPHT, Epidemic Context information, Social relationship, similarity
PeopleRank [93] Unicast SimBet Friendship, similarity
Social-based [94] Multicast Epidemic, BubbleRap, PROPIIET, SimBet Community, centrality
Fair Routing [95] Unicast Epidemic, PROPHET, SimBet Community, centrality
Community-aware opportunistic routing (CAOR) [107] Multicast PROPHT, Bubble Rep, SimBet Community, similarity
Zero-knowledge multi-copy routing {108] Multicast Epidemic, Spray and Wait Community, centrality
Homing spread: community home-based multi-copy routing in MSN [108] Unicast multicast Epidemic, Home spreading, Spray and Wait Community, centrality