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Table 6 CDN challenges in MSN

From: Content distribution and protocol design issue for mobile social networks: a survey

Method Challenges Contributions
[96] Startup latency (QoS) Proposed for the purpose of downloading the initial packets of a content item that is from the closed CDN nodes geographically
[97] Startup latency (QoS) Proposed an efficient technique for the buffer management which distribute the client’s buffer among the ON region
[98] Startup latency (QoS) Proposed for the division of the playback of the buffer into the CDN region, an emergency region along with a peer region. The peer region is transformed to an emergency region in the case of the user failure to download the required content from neighboring peers before the playback deadline
[99] Startup latency (QoS) Proposed for P2P resources and scheduling algorithm for the purpose of achieving fewer startup delays
[100] Startup latency (QoS) Proposed the chunk pre-fetching based algorithm build on social relationships along with the physical position of peers in online social networks (OSNs)
[101] Playback latency (QoS) Proposed an algorithm called location-based peer selection by the induction of a CAN .method that clusters peers that is based on the delays and the channel streaming they are watching
[102] Inaccessibility Proposed an architecture known as CDN centralized hybrid architecture that is based on BitTorrent to solve the problems of firewalls
[103] Authentication A proposed a scheme for peer authorization with the help of a network coding scheme for the purpose of preventing illegal distribution of the content within the network
[104] Copyright Proposed architecture called centralized PA-CDN, such architecture used tracker server to authorize the users