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Table 8 Social pattern techniques

From: Content distribution and protocol design issue for mobile social networks: a survey

Publication Proposed algorithm Social patterns
[87] Uses probabilistic routing scheme to forward a message to the node or group which is currently in contact with the source of the message Using frequency and time duration of contact to find contact pattern
[88] Uses weak ties for content distribution into otherwise disjoint communities Mobile user contacts to find the relational strength
[37] Uses flooding concepts to disseminate the data in the detected communication Social centrality measures are used to identify the nodes with a higher number of social links
[90] Uses graph and spanning tree concept to reduce the message duplication during content distribution By exploiting mobility predictability property of the users, the node which has the earliest probability of encountering the destination is only allowed to retain the message
[91] A forwarding algorithm is proposed for selfish nodes where certain information such as message content and sender information are force fully Exploits the selfish behaviour such that a selfish node in fear of losing information accepts to relay the information