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Table 1 Basic LTE/WI-FI system model

From: A dual threshold listen-before-talk for unlicensed LTE systems

Parameters Values
Center frequency 5180 MHz
LTE bandwidth 20 MHz
LTE transport protocol UDP
Wi-Fi bandwidth 20 MHz
Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11n
Wi-Fi transport protocol UDP*
Path loss model IEEE 802.11 ax Indoor Propagation Loss Model
Transmit Power BS TxPower 18 dBm
TxGain 5 dB
RxGain 5 dB
NoiseFigure 5 dB
UE TxPower 18 dBm
TxGain 0 dB
RxGain 0 dB
NoiseFigure 9 dB
Mobility None
Sensing thresholds for LTE and Wi-Fi − 62.0 dBm
  1. *By applying TCP instead of UDP, we can observe small throughput degradation over both of LTE and Wi-Fi