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Table 1 List of acronyms used in this paper

From: Q-learning-enabled channel access in next-generation dense wireless networks for IoT-based eHealth systems

Acronyms Full description
AP Access point
BL Bayesian learning
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
CRNs Cognitive radio networks
CSMA/CA Carrier sense multiple access/collision avoidance
D2D Device-to-device
HMM Hidden Markov model
ICA Independent component analysis
IoT Internet of Things
LoRaWAN Long-range wireless area network
LTE Long-Term Evolution
MAC Medium access control
MDP Markov decision process
MIMO Multiple-input multiple-output
MIP Mixed integer programming
ML Machine learning
PCA Principle component analysis
POMDP Partially observed MDP
QL Q-learning
RA Regression analysis
RL Reinforcement learning
SVM Support vector machine
WBSN Wireless body sensor network
WHO World Health Organization
WLAN Wireless local area network
WMSN Wireless medical sensor network