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Table 2 Pseudo of TIHOO. The pseudo-code of the proposed protocol. The steps of the proposed protocol are shown in this figure in detail

From: TIHOO: An Enhanced Hybrid Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

1: Start procedure
2: Phase 1: Action of the source node
3: Set N j current node and N d destination node
4: While N d destination Receive Packet or (stop criterion)
5: Current node send Hello packet to neighbor nodes
6: Calculate input of fuzzy system
7: Call fuzzy logic system to limit broadcasting RREQ
8: Increment j
9: End while
10: Interrupt for receive RREQ of all paths
11: Phase 2: Action of the destination node
12: Get available population of N paths pi i = 1,2,...,n for Declared paths of source to destination
13: While i < n or (stop criterion )
14: Calculate reliability factor , lifetime , buffer -available for pi
15: Call cuckoo search algorithm
16: Calculate Fitness F( pi)
17: Increment i
18: End while
19: Choose Optimized path is path with best fitness value
20 : If sending data not finished
21: Repeat Step 4 to Step 18
22: Else if
23: End procedure