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Table 1 Notations used in the paper

From: Multichannel MAC protocol with dynamic backoff contention for distributed cognitive radio networks

Symbol Explanations
N Number of SUs in the DCRN
N st Number of successful transmission pairs in a MAC cycle
M Total number of licensed data channels
M ic Number of idle licensed channels
M sic Number of remaining sensed idle licensed channels
K Largest number of slots for the contention phase
w i Average number of winning slots (successful SUs) in the ith backoff
  contention window
W Number of slots won in the whole contention phase
Q Parameter which is broadcasted on the update slot to indicate the
  number of contention slots of the next backoff window
Q 1 Number of contention slots in the first backoff window
Q i Number of contention slots in the ith (i>1) backoff window
Q c Number of contention slots in the whole contention phase
P d Each SU’s local detection probability
P f Each SU’s local false alarm probability
P s Probability of a successful RTS contention in the initial backoff window
P T Probability of a successful data transmission in a MAC cycle
P NT Probability of fail to transmit data in a MAC cycle
D Average channel access delay in terms of MAC cycles
T cycle Time duration of a MAC frame cycle
T c Time duration of contention phase
T ct Time duration of contention phase and transmission phase
T tr Time duration of data transmission phase
α Average utilization probability for all the licensed channels
σ Duration of a contention slot in contention phase
R Fixed rate for each data channel
n 1 Number of remaining SUs (which still need contention) in Algorithm 1
n 2 Number of remaining contention slots in Algorithm 1