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Table 3 Primitives used in the FSM of the vehicle

From: An evaluation of reputation with regard to the opportunistic forwarding of messages in VANETs

Primitive Description
rtd_rcv(message) Reception of a message
utd_send(message) Sending of a message
request_user(data) Request of the user to send a message
make_pkt(parameters) Creation of a message
not_corrupt(message) Verifying of the integrity of a message
decrypt(message) Decryption of the message
extract(message,field) Extracts a field from the message
add-lista(message) Adding the fields CC, RCI to the mess
update(parameter) Updating of variables
evaluate_rep() Verifying of the reputation
select_dest() Selection of the next hop
store_cache() Storing of information in cache
schedule(evt) Scheduling of a new event
confirm_evt() Verifying of the truth of data
area_evt() Enabling the forwarding of ACM
forward_evt() Enabling the forwarding of DM
change_evt() Calling for changing of pseudonym
send_evt() Enabling the sent of DM
is_observer() Determining of the destination
is_true() Determining the truth of a message
time() Returning of time of the system