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Table 4 Moderation effects of political skills and self-constructal interactions

From: The antecedents and consequences of employees’ followership behavior in social network organizational context: a longitudinal study

Interaction termsPromotion focusPrevention focusTask performanceSituational performance
Political skills × proactive personality0.584***0.106*  
Political skills × traditional personality0.165*0.263**  
Independent self-constructal × promotion behavior  0.605***0.0458***
Interdependent self-constructal × promotion behavior  0.184*− 0.215**
R2  0.113− 0.078
R2  0.085***− 0.057
  1. The sample size of political skills is 857 and self-constructal is 786.*p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.01