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Table 1 Detailed information of sample dataset

From: Experimental analysis and evaluation of wide residual networks based agricultural disease identification in smart agriculture system

1Apple Healthy1354
3Apple Frogeye Spot488
4Cedar Apple Rust208
5Cherry Healthy683
6Cherry_Powdery Mildew256
7Corn Healthy430
8Cercospora zeaemaydis Tehon and Daniels409
9Puccinia polysora958
10Corn Curvularia Leaf Spot Fungus806
11Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus931
12Grape Healthy336
13Grape Black Rot Fungus963
14Grape Black Measles Fungus1055
15Grape Leaf Blight Fungus790
16Citrus Healthy419
17Citrus Yellow-Shoot Disease4158
18Peach Healthy287
19Peach Bacterial Spot1859
20Pepper Healthy1172
21Pepper Scab758
22Potato Healthy1634
23Potato Early Blight815
24Potato Late Blight797
25Strawberry Healthy277
26Strawberry Leaf Blight885
27Tomato Healthy1381
28Tomato Powdery Mildew1469
29Tomato Early Blight792
30Tomato Late Blight1569
31Tomato Leaf Mold Fungus755
32Tomato Septoria Leaf Spot Fungus1403
33Tomato Spider Mite Damage929
34Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Disease4442
35Tomato Mosaic Virus Disease298