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Table 7 Recognition results of intercropping corn and potato

From: Experimental analysis and evaluation of wide residual networks based agricultural disease identification in smart agriculture system

No.NamePrecisionRecallF1-scoreTest volume/total volume
1Corn Healthy0.950.950.95130/430
2Cercospora zeaemaydis Tehon and Daniels0.850.850.85123/409
3Puccinia polysora0.990.980.98288/958
4Corn Curvularia Leaf Spot Fungus0.920.930.93242/806
5Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus0.980.980.98280/931
6Potato Healthy0.990.990.99491/1634
7Potato Early Blight0.980.990.98245/815
8Potato Late Blight0.970.960.96240/797