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Table 1 Default values of other parameters

From: Joint beamforming and power allocation for wireless powered UAV-assisted cooperative NOMA systems

System bandwidth1M
Maximum transmit power at BS (Ps)20 dBm
Noise power \(\left ({\sigma _{r}^{2} = \sigma _{1}^{2} = \sigma _{2}^{2}} \right) \left ({{P_{0}}}\right)\)− 70 dBm
The number of transmit antenna at BS and UAV (M,N)M=N=4
SI suppress level (ρ)−50 dB
Tolerant error (ε)10−6
Energy conversion efficiency (η)0.8
Minimum data rate at U1 and U2 \(\left ({\bar R}\right)\)1 Mbits
Azimuth angle (θ)45
The altitude of UAV (h)30m
Circle radius of UAV’s fight (r)40m