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Table 1 Primary user link budget (QPSK coded FEC R = 1/2)

From: On the feasibility of a secondary service transmission over an existent satellite infrastructure: design and analysis

Frequency (MHz)2200
Throughput rate (Mbps)3.4
Transmitted power (mW)1000
Satellite carrier EIRP (dBm)38.3
Free space loss (dB)−162.2
Depointing loss (dB)−10
E. S. antenna max gain - 5m, eff 50% (dBi)38.2
System Noise temperature (K)130
C/N0 (dB–Hz)81.8
Eb/N0 (dB)16.5
Demodulation losses (dB)− 6
Eb/N0 required (dB) – for BER = 1E-57
Margin (dB)3.5