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Table 4 Univariate evaluation result

From: Research on the risk of block chain technology in Internet finance supported by wireless network

Primary weight indicatorSecondary weight indicatorEvaluation results
Policy and law (0.2772)Legal policy lag risk (0.9152)0.800.200
Compliance risk (0.1212)0.750.20.05
Regulatory enforcement risk (0.2482)0.450.450.10
Technical risk (0.9362)Block chain technology risk (0.1072)0.700.250.05
Supporting infrastructure risks (0.9632)0.500.250.25
Cyber-attack risk (0.3162)0.850.150
Operational risk (0.0712)Personnel operation risk (0.6672)
Internal supervision risk (0.9492)0.350.150.50
Credit risk (0.1632)Fraud default risk (0.6672)0.500.100.40
Liquidation lag risk (0.6672)0.100.500.40
Credit scoring system risk (0.3332)0.100.400.50
Liquidity risk (0.1282)Liquidity plan risk (0.4472)0.100.500.40
Holder run risk (0.8942)0.050.600.35