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Table 2 EE optimization with different number of antennas

From: CMBF-based dynamic selection for heterogeneous massive MIMO systems

Algorithm 1—EE optimization with different number of antennas
Perform the following steps.
Initialization: system simulation parameters
  Step 1. Generate positions of coordinate SBSs for all of the different coordinated scenarios. Get the base station location set BS-locations.
 Step 2.
  Randomly generate the user location.
·Detect whether the location of each user is within the cell and whether the distances from each MBS and SBS are greater than the minimum distance requirement. If they all meet the requirements, go to the next step, otherwise repeat generating user location.
 Step 3.
  Traverses the number of different cooperative SBS, NCBS {0, 1, ..., C}.
  Traverse the number of different MBS antennas.
** Generate user fading channels under the current number of antennas, Ncurrent = NBS + NCBSNS;
**Generate power constraints p;
**Solve formula (22) using Centralized Algorithm-CMBF;
Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, then calculate E{R}, E {Ptotal}, EE.