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Table 4 EE optimization with different number of users

From: CMBF-based dynamic selection for heterogeneous massive MIMO systems

Algorithm 3—EE optimization with different number of users
Perform the following steps.
Initialization: system simulation parameters
  Step 1. Calculate the second step in Algorithm 1 to initialize the system environment.
 Step 2. Traverse the number of different cooperative SBS, NCBS {0, 1, ..., C}.
Generate power constraints.
 Traverses the number of different Users equal to 10, ……, max{users} with users {10, 15..., 30}.
* Generate user fading channels under the current number of antennas Ncurrent.
*Calculate the fading channel hunder the current user number
*Solve formula (13) using Centralized Algorithm——CMBF.
Step 3. Calculate E{R}, E {Ptotal}, EE