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Table 1 Simulation test parameter

From: Parameter estimation of network signal normal distribution applied to carbonization depth in wireless networks

ProjectExecuted range/parametersNote
Simulation of test equipment parametersVCM simulation platform, vcm-2124rThe two sets of configurations are identical
Simulation of test equipment platformWindowsWindows7 64-bit flagship
Simulation of device central processing unitAMD Ryzen 7 2700XCPU main frequency: 3.7ghz
Maximum frequency: 4.3GHz
Analog video cardNVIDIA Rainbow iGame GTX 1080Ti Vulcan X OCCore frequency: 1480/1733 mhz
Display frequency: 11,000 MHz
Video memory capacity: 11 GB
Display memory bit width: 352 bit
Simulation of software parameter estimation methodNormal distribution methodThe two sets of configurations are identical