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Table 2 Carbon-type simulation parameters

From: Parameter estimation of network signal normal distribution applied to carbonization depth in wireless networks

Type of carbideCarbonization depth rangeTest accuracy review analysis point location
Conventional carbonization0~15 mm7.5 mm
Composite carbonization10~25 mm12.5 mm
Load the carbonization method15~35 mm17.5 mm
Gradual carbonization method25~45 mm27.5 mm
Conventional carbonization35~55 mm40.5 mm
Composite carbonization45~65 mm55.5 mm
Load the carbonization method55~75 mm65.5 mm
Gradual carbonization method65~85 mm75.5 mm
Conventional carbonization75~105 mm95.0 mm
Composite carbonization95~145 mm125.0 mm
Load the carbonization method125~205 mm185.0 mm
Gradual carbonization method185~305 mm255.0 mm
Gradual carbonization method285~400 mm355.0 mm