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Table 4 Test results of different number of security policies based on the User-Resource-Rights policy

From: Big data security access control algorithm based on memory index acceleration in WSNs

UserPolicy numberNodesThe amount of dataExecution time (s)Data processing speed (ops/s)Performance degradation rate
Hbase_test04100 million(102.4 GB)642.01155687base
Hbase_test54100 million(102.4 GB)712.8114022111.03%↓
Hbase_test104100 million(102.4 GB)719.113899412.01%↓
Hbase_test154100 million(102.4 GB)725.5213776413.01%↓
Hbase_test204100 million(102.4 GB)731.8813657814.00%↓
Hbase_test254100 million(102.4 GB)732.4613646014.09%↓