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Table 5 The prediction performance of nine different hybrid models

From: Using improved support vector regression to predict the transmitted energy consumption data by distributed wireless sensor network

RF + Lars0.1003040.0132720.11520280.791
RF + stepwise0.1036140.0131190.11453881.012
RF + Boruta0.0896660.0123350.11106482.146
GBR + Lars0.0996790.0120010.10954882.63
GBR + Boruta0.0955450.0108550.10418884.288
GBR + stepwise0.0895750.0107290.10357984.472
SVR + stepwise0.0791610.0095410.09767686.191
SVR + Lars0.0770120.0092650.09625586.590
SVR + Boruta0.0746700.0065050.08065190.585