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Table 1 Parameter settings of the simulation test

From: Application of data mining technology and wireless network sensing technology in sports training index analysis


Execute range/parameters


Simulates simulation test equipment parameters

STO simulation platform, STO-147s

The two groups used identical analog devices

Simulation test equipment platform


Windows 7 64-bit flagship

Simulation device central processing unit

Intel Core i7 8700

Slot type: LGA 1151

CPU main frequency: 3.2 GHz

Maximum frequency: 4.6 GHz

Core number: six cores

Thread count: twelve threads

Analog video card

GeForce GTX 1060-6GD5 X-Gaming OC

Core frequency: 1569/1784 MHz

Display frequency: 8008 MHz

Video memory capacity: 6 GB

Display memory bit width: 192 bit

Power interface: 8 pins