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Table 2 Simulation parameters of index types

From: Application of data mining technology and wireless network sensing technology in sports training index analysis

Types of sportsSports indicatorsSports parameter range
Track and fieldSpeed time0~6 h
BallScore, hit rate, time0~150
SwimmingTime, distance, action0~30 min
Martial artsSkill, ability, standard of action[0, 1]
AerobicsTime, action0~150
Mountain climbingMountain climbing0~6 h
SkatingTime, distance, technique0~200 min
Weight liftingWeight, quality, technology0~300 kg
WrestlingAbility, time, quality[0, 1]
The bicycleTime, quality, speed0~200 min
RowingTime, endurance, distance0~200 min
BaseballIntegrity, hit rate0~150
TaekwondoHit rate, physical performance0~200 min
ShootingHit rate, accuracy0~10