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Table 2 Simulation parameters of the warning system

From: Visible light communication-based traffic control of autonomous vehicles at multi-lane roundabouts

dtotal60 mdbr10 m
r35 mN4
h5.5 mϕ,ψ4.5
Ts1R0.4 A/W
IB5 ×10−3 AK1.38065 ×10−23 J/K
Tk298 K (24.85 C)η112 ×10−8 F/m2
B100 MHzG10
Γ1.5gm0.03 S
tvlc0.5 sn1.46
q1.60218×10−19 CA1 ×10−4 m2
  1. m meter, A ampere, W watt, J joule, K kelvin, F farad, MHz megahertz, S Siemens, C coulomb