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Table 1 Algorithm of Joint Elevation-Azimuth-Polarization Estimation

From: Elevation, azimuth, and polarization estimation with nested electromagnetic vector-sensor arrays via tensor modeling

(i) Calculate the SCM \(\hat {\mathbf R}\) based on (16)
(ii) Construct \(\boldsymbol {\mathcal {G}}_{\text {nest}}\) according to (34) and permute it to get \(\boldsymbol {\mathcal {G}}_{\pi }\)
(iii) Unfold \(\boldsymbol {\mathcal {G}}_{\pi }^{(1)}\) to a three-dimensional tensor, remove the repeated and rearrange the spatial phase factors to build \(\boldsymbol {\mathcal {G}}\) according to (38)
(iv) Build G through 1-mode matrization as (43)
(v) Compute Gs by performing spatial-smoothing (50)
(vi) Apply SLS-ESPRIT to achieve the estimate of elevation (51)-(62)
(vii) Calculate the estimates of azimuth and polarization parameters via (63)-(70)