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Table 2 Table-a stored by sensor nodes

From: Bi-adjusting duty cycle for green communications in wireless sensor networks

Notation Description
id The id of the current node.
flag Binary-state variable, the flag that the node active slot is asynchronous in the sensing range.
φc The active slot of the current node.
ξ The number of neighbors of the current node (including itself).
r A set containing repeated active slots in the sensing range.
\( \overrightarrow{v} \) \( \overrightarrow{v}=\left({v}_0,{v}_2,{v}_3\cdots {v}_M\right) \), row vector,vi. The value of vi is binary state, and vi=1 means that a node whose active slot is i exists in the current sensing range.
  1. The flag in table-a is a binary-state variable, and the criterion for flag 0 or 1 is as follows:
  2. ξ < m: