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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Computation efficiency optimization in UAV-enabled mobile edge computing system with multi-carrier non-orthogonal multiple access

Parameters Default values
Number of UEs K=8
Number of subchannels N=4
Total system bandwidth B=2MHz
Reference channel power gain μ0=−50dB
Noise power density N0=−150dBm/Hz
Required CPU cycles for one bit C=103cycles/bit
CPU coefficient γk=10−28
Amplifier coefficient ξk=3
Fixed circuit power pc,k=50mW
Maximum local CPU frequency \(f_{k}^{\max } = 0.5 \times 10^{9} \mathrm {cycles/s}\)
Minimum required computation bits \(R_{k}^{\min } = 10^{4}\text {bits}\)
Stop tolerances for Algorithm 1 ε1=ε2=10−3