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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Task offloading and resource allocation for UAV-assisted mobile edge computing with imperfect channel estimation over Rician fading channels

Parameters Default values
Number of UEs N=5
The system bandwidth W=10 MHz
The channel power gain h0=−50 dB
The noise power spectral density N0=−174 dBm/Hz
The maximum transmit power of UE \(p_{i}^{\max } = 0.5~\mathrm {W}\)
The number of time slots T=103
The length of each time slot τ=0.04 s
The maximum CPU frequency of server \(f_{i}^{\max } = 10^{10}~\mathrm {cycles/s}\)
The average data arrival rate Amax=1.0 Mbit/s
The data processing density Li=1760 cycles/bit